On-Hold Messaging

Savvy business owners have realized that hold time can be an amazing opportunity to make connections with clients, prospects and patients. This valuable opportunity can be used to promote your business, up-sell products and services and provide helpful information by using well crafted on-hold messages, produced specifically with your target market in mind. We make it easy, affordable and effortless to quickly put our service in place. If you’d rather just play licensed music with no message added, we can do that too.

IVR /Auto-Attendant Recordings

Have you ever thought about the first voice your callers hear when they contact you? Interactive Voice Response (IVR), also called Auto Attendant Messaging, quickly connects calls to the correct department or staff member.  These recordings offer options of pre-recorded choices for your callers to select from, meaning zero disruption to your staff and the immediate direction of calls to the appropriate department or person. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, a professionally recorded IVR message ensures your callers quickly get to the right department or person.

Overhead Music for Your Business

You can also create a positive experience for your business with overhead music.  Engaging your visitors with overhead music provides an opportunity to grab their attention and grow your business.  Music can change the way people feel,  encouraging them to stay longer and to return again later if they had a pleasant experience.  Music can drive the mood of your business: calm and relaxing, high energy and motivating or anything in-between.  If appropriate, the thoughtful use of voice messages integrated with the overhead music creates advertising opportunities which can directly improve your revenue. As an added benefit, research has shown that music can also improve employee attitudes, resulting in employees who are more alert, work faster and are more productive throughout the day.